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         Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Co.,Ltd specializes in optical designing, manufacturing and selling LED glass lens and optical components, which has more than 20 years of optical glass lens production experience. We rely on our professional expertise and practical experience in the field of electro-optics to offer our customers products with consistent, superior quality. Because we firmly believe in providing trustworthy, dependable service, we have earned our customers' trust and support. 

  New LED Light
Customized optical glass lens
glass cylinder lens for led wall lighting
Type 2M street light glass led lenses 78mm
18mm diameter 9mm height concave convex lenses for projector
glass 50mm diameter 90degree led cob lenses high transmittance super clear compared with antiglare
optical asphercial 34mm diameter glass plano convex lens
60degree 56mm optical cob glass lens led for cree cxb 1816 & bridgelux vero10
56mm diameter 45degree led glass antilgare lens for spot light
LED Stage light glass lens compound eye lens an array lens
50mm glass 90degree cob antiglare lenses for cree cob led cxb1816 cxb1820
glass linear spread lens tailored for specific application
Spotlight 45mm COB LED Optical Glass Lens with Alumium Reflector 120Degree
LED Glass lens sandblasting for anti glare
Factory China 60mm Diameter 5 10 15 Degree Condensing Optical Glass COB Tir Lens Reflector Collimator For Led Light
led lens manufacturers in china 92mm cob led glass lens led for street light
92mm Type2 Very Short glass optical cob lens for led street light
6mm UVA UVB UVC led quartz glass plano convex lenses used in medical lighting
asymmetrical SMD LED Street Light Borosilicate Glass Lens array module
160*90 degree led street light lens cob Glass optics
92mm diameter led high bay light lens 60 90 120 140degree
Glass led lenses 50mm diameter for led high bay light
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No Back Light Optics Glass Lens For Led Street Light
custom design silk screen printed glass window lighting cover lens
23mm plano convex optical led glass lens for led searchlight
83mm*83mm super clear glass optical microlens arrays
led street light lens manufacturer 100W outdoor solar powered street lamp COB glass Led Lens 92mm
133mm diameter Custom Glass Fresnel lens for high power LED
bi-concave UV led chip UVA UVB UVC quartz glass fused silica lens 10mm
6 Array leds xpe smd 3030 5050 7070 led glass street light lens array
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