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Key Things to Keep in Mind When Installing High Mast Lights

Key Things to Keep in Mind When Installing High Mast Lights

Any of the high activity areas like shipping ports, merging expressways, airports and more require extra stress on security and safety. In such cases, using high mast light is recommended owing to its effectiveness and superior performance. High mast lights are currently the most cost-effective and convenient way of illuminating large outdoor areas that need access to a high-quality source of energy-efficient light. Key details like the direction of the light, colour, and maintenance should be kept in mind when installation of high mast lighting is planned. However, using high masts to light up large areas isn’t always easy. But, the technologically advanced LEDs are helping big time. Here are five key things to keep in mind when installing high mast lights.


Pointing the Light in the Right Direction
Large area lighting requires a great deal of precision. The key thing to keep in mind when lighting any large area is where the light directs and not the amount of light, the source is emitting. Because there’s no point installing a big lumen package if most of the light goes into the sky leaving the area poorly lit. High mast LED lights offer significant advantages when it comes to rendering uniform illumination to the entire area. Also, they minimise glare and are capable of providing the right light output in the right direction needed for any large area. Reflectors in conventional lights have been easily replaced by lenses in LED lights that help in sending the light in a desired direction. 

Keeping the Colour in Mind
Conventional lighting solutions like SON and SOX lamps emit and orangey glow, thus making it difficult to recognise the colour of the containers (if installed in a shipping port), cars (parking lot) and more. The white light emitted from high mast LED light sources make the environment feel more natural and make it easy for the people to see true colours and carry out the desired tasks efficiently. Also, the new-age sleek high-mast lights are aesthetically pleasing than the conventional lighting systems. 

Consider Maintenance
Maintenance is a crucial consideration when planning the installation of high mast lights. Since, maintenance in the middle of an airport or a shipping port can disrupt the operations, logistics and is risky as well, it is advisable to switch to high mast LED lights. These lights are also used in parking spaces, road junctions and maintenance at these places can lead to traffic jams and interrupt the workflow. This will eventually result in saving labour, money and electricity while eliminating the need for changing the lights every now and then. 

Did We Mention Control?
Conventional high mast lights took almost 15 minutes to warm up, and in cases of power failure, they required time to cool down before you could switch them back on. On the other hand, LEDs give you the power not only to switch them on and off but also to dim them whenever required. Using LEDs as a lighting source in high mast installations makes it easy to turn the lights off or dim according to the need. The controlling facility in LED luminaires has made it easier than it used to be back in time, especially in large areas that necessitate high-powered lights with segregated control. For example, LED high mast lights can be installed between two aircraft aprons, with separate motorised control for each part. This will help in saving energy by lighting only the part currently used. 

Save Energy by Refurbishing 
If you are planning an upgrade to the already existing high mast lights, LED luminaries can easily be installed on the existing poles. They help save energy, last longer than the conventional lighting solutions, can be easily controlled and project light in the desired direction. 

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