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EVERLIGHT To Unveil Five New UV LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2016

EVERLIGHT To Unveil Five New UV LEDs at LIGHTFAIR 2016

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, announces five new UV LEDs at LIGHTFAIR International 2016, showcased at booth #1851.

The UV LED market is expected to grow rapidly in 2016, due to upcoming applications apart from the well-known printing technology. Emerging curing applications, like UV paint and cosmetic curing, medical treatments, domestic disinfection and home appliances like photocatalytic air and water purifiers are as appealing as counterfeit checking.

EVERLIGHT's five new UV LEDs cover wavelengths from 365 to 400nm for a range of applications. (Structures and materials depend on demand of client).  (Source:Everlight)

EVERLIGHT's new UV LED portfolio covers wavelengths between 365nm and 400nm. All five products are based on a special UV ceramic substrate to effectively improve the heat resistance. Three high power (1.8W) components, EAUVA35352 (3.5x3.5x2.31mm), EAUVA35353 (3.5x3.5x3.51mm) and EAUVA4545 (4.5x4.5x5.0mm) feature different viewing angles of 120°, 50° and 30°, respectively. Two lower power (0.08W) components complement the high power range. EAUVA3020 (3.0x2x0.65mm) excels with a very uniform light pattern and EAUVA2016 (2.0x1.6x0.75mm) is the smallest choice in EVERLIGHT's UV LED portfolio.

The professional R&D, sales and marketing team of EVERLIGHT is always on a quest for innovations and technical breakthrough. The new UV LED Series offers high efficiency, multiple wavelengths with three different viewing angles to satisfy all demands and a wide range of UV applications. Along with strict quality and production control, EVERLIGHT always focuses on what the clients need and provides one-stop optoelectronics solutions for every need.

Samples Available: Yes. (Upon request)

Mass Production: Q2/2016

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