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ultraviolet optical quartz optical glass lens
The glass material is not suitable for core area sealing due to the high thermal processing temperature, and is only suitable for making packaged lenses. Common glass materials include K9 and quartz glass. When choosing a glass lens, we must consider its UV transmittance and price. Figure 3 (a) and (b) list the transmittance of K9 and quartz glass. Due to the high cost of quartz glass, the price of quartz glass on the market is several times higher than that of K9 glass. However, the transmittance in the UVA (350nm~420nm) band is not very different. Therefore, in terms of lens material selection, K9 glass can be considered instead of expensive quartz glass.

If conditions permit, quartz glass can be used as the outer packaging lens. Such packaging structure UV-LED has higher luminous efficiency, while quartz glass generally uses JGS2 ultraviolet optical quartz optical glass, which is an optical quartz optical melted with hydrogen and oxygen Glass has good transmittance in the range of 220-2500 nm, while the far ultraviolet optical quartz optical glass (JGS1) and infrared quartz optical glass (JGS3) have higher transmittance in the far ultraviolet and infrared bands respectively.

In conclusion, to obtain a packaging structure with high luminous efficiency and high reliability, the choice of packaging glue and lens materials must have high UV transmittance, good matching refractive index, UV resistance, anti-yellowing, and high The temperature tolerance and good stress and other characteristics.
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