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Analysis of cost advantages of LED street lamps compared to traditional street lamps

LED is a solid-state light source using the principle of semiconductor PN junction light emission. Its luminous efficiency has reached 60lm/W from mass production in 2007 to the current 204lm/W, which has exceeded the luminous efficiency of traditional high-pressure sodium light sources. The high-power LED tube core has 1~5W/piece products.

The working life of LED is much longer than the traditional light source under the matched driving circuit, and it is shock-resistant and reliable. Low operating and maintenance costs. Recycled materials are less polluted. Due to the continuous reduction of its production cost, the current cost of each LED street lamp is close to or lower than the cost of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps.

The maintenance cost of the lamp is also reduced a lot compared to traditional street lighting. The research content is:

1. Research on high luminous efficiency and long life of LED street lamps:

To meet the brightness requirements of graded roads and the light distribution characteristics of standard street lamps, the output luminous flux of a single LED die requires a high degree of integration of multiple LED monomers, and breaks through technical bottlenecks such as light attenuation caused by large thermal resistance. Therefore, exploring the integration technology of multiple LED monomers, meeting the traditional form of single-lamp high luminous flux point light source, and maintaining the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, long life, safety and reliability is one of the important contents of the subject research.

2. Research on the light distribution system of LED street lamps:

The LED has a small luminous point and the emitted light is directional. The non-isotropic light source aggregates with multiple luminous points have brought challenges to traditional lamp design methods. Therefore, researching new light distribution methods based on the characteristics of LED light sources is the second content of the subject research.

3. Research on modularization of LED street lamps:

In order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of LED lamps, it is necessary to study the modularization of LED lamps and discuss the standardization of the LED street lamp structure, installation, wiring, and control of the entire LED lighting system. This is the third content of the subject research.

4. Research on intelligent control of LED street lights:

With the development of IT technology and communication technology, the realization of single-lamp monitoring and control of LED street lamps has become a reality. The implementation of single lamp monitoring of street lamps can not only obtain the operating status information of a single street lamp in time, but also discover the integrity rate of the street lamp in time. In addition, in view of the specific principle of LED lamp lighting operation, the smooth dimming of LED street lamps can be realized, and the purpose of reasonable energy saving can be achieved.
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