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IMD packaging solutions have suddenly emerged, both technology and cost win
At present, there are three main packaging schemes for Mini LED display products below P1.0 on the market, namely: SMD packaging scheme, COB packaging scheme and IMD packaging scheme. Then, what are the characteristics of these three packaging schemes?

SMD packaging solution

The SMD packaging solution is a solution derived to achieve a smaller pitch. Single or multiple LED chips are soldered to a metal bracket with a plastic "cup-shaped" frame, and then liquid epoxy resin or liquid epoxy resin is potted in the plastic frame. The organic silica gel is finally baked at high temperature to form, and then cut and separated into individual surface mount package devices after completion.

However, as the size of the device becomes smaller and smaller, the single SMD packaging technology requires high circuit accuracy (such as PCB accuracy, cutting accuracy), and requires a large number of PCB layers, which leads to increased costs. At the same time, SMD packaging solutions still have deficiencies such as low reliability, fragile protection, and easy bumping. P0.4 has reached the mass production limit of SMD packaging.

COB packaging solution

The COB packaging scheme uses integrated packaging technology, which is a way of attaching bare chips to the interconnection substrate with conductive or non-conductive glue, and then performing wire bonding to achieve electrical connections.

COB packaging technology has obvious advantages such as high reliability, high assembly efficiency of the entire screen, and soft light output from surface light sources. It can be applied to any pitch of millimeters in theory, but the materials required are expensive. In addition, it is necessary to solve the consistency of display and appearance. The problem requires a higher cost.

IMD packaging solution

The IMD packaging solution is a brand-new integrated packaging technology that integrates multiple interrelated pixels in a package based on the principle of the LED display circuit.

It not only undertakes the advantages of single SMD packaging solution, such as low cost, good color/appearance consistency, etc., but also absorbs the anti-collision and high reliability essence of COB packaging solution, and effectively solves the problems of splicing seams, light leakage, and maintenance. .

Most importantly, the IMD packaging solution can greatly reduce the cost of use of the display factory, such as P0.9-P0.5, the PCB only needs 6 layers and 2 levels, and the SMT efficiency is more than three times that of SMD. Moreover, as far as the packaging factory is concerned, the IMD packaging solution can follow most of the equipment of the conventional small-pitch packaging production line, and the capital investment requirements are relatively low. Based on various factors, the IMD packaging solution can provide the best packaging technology solution for the LED microdisplay industry on the road to explore.
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