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anti-glare street lamp lens
For integrated light source LED lamps, glare is now one of the most difficult problems to solve. For this, our company has designed and opened a variety of anti-glare lenses. Here we only introduce one kind of anti-glare street lamp lens.
The role of this lens with microstructure:
(1) Anti-glare (convert the original integrated light source point light into the surface light of the light-emitting surface of the lens, which increases the area of the light-emitting surface and greatly reduces the disability glare).
(2) Eliminate the yellow circle and imaging (the street lamp lens itself is a heterogeneous lens with uneven wall thickness, and it is easy to appear yellow at the edge of the light and the image of the light source. This microstructure is added to the concave part of the lens to change the original The regular light is disrupted and plays a role of mixing)
(3) Play the role of a shading plate (the microstructure at the inner step shields the solder joints and screws of the light source part, making the lamp more beautiful).
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