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LED industrial lighting
1. The luminous efficiency of LED industrial lighting products is generally higher than that of existing products. Among the LED lighting products counted by LEDlighting facts, 23% have luminous efficiency exceeding 130lm/W. 5% is higher than 150lm/W, 1% is higher than 175lm/W. These exceed the average luminous power of fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps, and their luminous power is only 70-90lm/w.

  2. Generally speaking, LED industrial lighting products have certain advantages compared with similar competitors. Among the statistical products, 50% of the luminous flux is between 11,000 and 22,000lm. In addition, more than 150 products have luminous flux exceeding 50,000lm, so the average luminous flux is 18,000lm. The power of these LED products is equivalent to a 1000w metal halide lamp.

   3. In terms of color temperature and power, the performance of LED products is no different from traditional metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps. 65% of the statistical products have a color rendering index of 80s, and most of them are industrial products. Half of the statistical products have a color temperature of 5000K or higher, which is higher than traditional industrial lighting fixtures. These high color temperature products have higher luminous power compared to other types of products.
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