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The reason why solar led street lights replace traditional street lights
We all know that road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. In the past, we used traditional street lamps, but now traditional street lamps are slowly eliminated, solar street lamps have become a popular product. What are the advantages of solar LED street lights over traditional street lights? Why can it gradually replace traditional street lights? The editor of Century Sunshine Lighting will tell you:

   1. More energy saving and environmental protection

   In the past, ordinary street lamps contained some harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum. LED street lights have no mercury, no ultraviolet rays, and no radiation, which are more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health. Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights are indeed an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product, which is more in line with our needs.

   2. Low input cost

  Traditional street lights in the paving project are much more complicated than LED street lights, not only digging holes, but also leading the way, the manpower and material resources are very expensive, and the traditional street lights have high electricity and cost.

   LED street lights not only do not need to dig holes, even cables, but also need to intercept 1/3 of ordinary street lights, saving a lot of manpower and material costs. "Compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lamps are a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. The cost of LED street lamps is much lower than that of ordinary street lamps.

   In addition, the maintenance cost of LED street lights is also very low, and all input costs can be recovered in less than 6 years.

Ruori Sunshine Lighting|The reason why solar led street lights replace traditional street lights

   Three, lighting brightness

   Compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lamps have stronger lighting functions. A 60W LED street light can reach the illuminance of a 250 W high-pressure sodium lamp, which can not only save a lot of electricity, but even the brightness has been greatly improved. The light color of the LED street lamp is uniform, it does not add a lens, does not sacrifice the uniform light color to improve the brightness, it is a good product.

   Four, reliable quality

   I believe that many people will care about the quality of LED street lights. Now let's talk about its quality. In fact, for LED street lights, you can rest assured, because its circuit power supply uses high-quality components, and each LED has a separate over-current protection, so there is no need to worry about damage. More importantly, its waterproof and impact resistance are very good, and the quality is absolutely safe and reliable.

   Generally speaking, LED street light is a very environmentally friendly and energy-saving product. Due to its many advantages, it has gradually entered people’s field of vision and has become the world’s best energy-saving light source, replacing traditional street lights. It is also the best choice for road lighting! If you need to buy LED street lights, we must choose a regular street light manufacturer to ensure product quality and follow-up speed!

   5. High safety factor

   Previously, we also mentioned ordinary street lamps, that is, high-pressure sodium lamps contain harmful substances, and the spectrum also contains harmful rays, which will pollute the environment and cause slight damage to the human body. "Not only that, the installation of ordinary street lights is complicated, and accidents such as fires and electric shocks may also occur during use. LED street lights will be more assured, and safety risks can be greatly reduced in installation and use.

   Six, long service life

   We all know that the life span of this street lamp is not long. In fact, the impact is very large. If the life span is not long, it means frequent replacement. Frequent replacement is not only costly, but also causes a lot of inconvenience. Especially when it is replaced, it will affect the traffic, and there are many troubles to reinstall.
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