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In the display screen, what is the difference between the cob light source and the led light source?
Generally speaking, the LED integrated light source uses COFB packaging technology to directly encapsulate the LED die on a temperature equalizing plate or a copper substrate to form a polycrystalline array, while the COB light source is a high-power integrated surface light source that directly attaches the LED light-emitting chip. The integrated surface light source technology on the mirror metal substrate with high reflectivity.

The cob light source encapsulates the low-power chip on the PCB board. Compared with the ordinary SMD low-power, it has higher brightness, lower thermal resistance, faster heat dissipation, lower light attenuation, and longer life.

Although some SMD low-power light sources are packaged on aluminum substrates, they are also called integrated LEDs, but this is not a COB light source, so in general, the cob light sources are integrated LED light sources, but the integrated LED light sources are not all COB light sources.
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