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Street lamp lens specification

1. The circular spot is generally used in courtyard roads; the illumination range and illumination requirements are not very high;

2. The elliptical light spot is generally used in motor vehicles or non-motorized roads. When the circular light spot is irradiated, there will be a dark area on both sides of the place where the circle meets the circle. The light is not very good on the whole road. Part of the uniformly distributed or circular light spot exceeds the road surface and is not really used;

3. The rectangular light spot is applied to the motor vehicle lane, effectively using the light of the LED, and the concentrated light is evenly distributed on the road surface, and the light spot is uniform;

4. Relatively speaking, street lamp lens requires the light rate and the condensing angle and the uniformity of the spot. Whether the illuminance value on the road meets the standard, this is a problem that street lamp manufacturers need to consider in the design (such as the power size, the selection of different brands of LEDs) , LED selection of different LM values, etc.)

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