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polarized LED street lamp glass lens
The polarized LED street lamp glass lens is used to cover the LED chip of the light source of the LED street lamp. It includes a lens body. The lens body includes a light exit part and a light entrance part. It is a recessed structure, which is formed on the side of the body opposite to the light-emitting part and can accommodate LED chips. An irregular hemispherical body is formed between the light-incident surfaces of the part for guiding light according to different lighting site requirements. Compared with the existing technology, through the transformation design of the structure of the light entrance part and the light exit part of the glass lens, combined with the width of the road, the height of the light pole, and the energy relationship ratio of the light source, the optimal lens angle and energy distribution are targeted to design the best lens angle and energy distribution to guide the lens. The light design can reasonably distribute the LED light energy on the road, increasing the light energy utilization rate of the LED street light.
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