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Selection of LED plant grow lights
-200-280 nanometers of "deep" ultraviolet radiation, which is toxic and harmful to plants, are used for medical sterilization; -280-315 nanometers deep ultraviolet. May be the cause of plant withering; 315-380 nanometers of ultraviolet radiation. This part of the spectrum has a positive impact on the growth, flowering time, and fruit size of many plants. This is particularly important for alpine plants; -380-400 nanometers of ultraviolet radiation. Low doses of radiation are absorbed during flowering and maturation, and affect color and biochemical components (taste); 430-470 nanometers - blue, purple. In this part of the spectrum (430-460nm), the radiation absorption of chlorophyll reaches its peak. Has a strong impact on photosynthesis (providing a set of plant quality); -500-610 nanometers green, yellow, and orange spectra. Has little impact on plants; 610-720 nanometers, red spectrum. In this part of the spectrum, it is the second absorption peak of chlorophyll (630-670nm), which has a strong impact on photosynthesis and stimulates bud germination, flowering, and fruit bearing; -730 nanometers far red. In addition to chlorophyll, each plant contains another very important pigment, plant pigment, which greatly enhances the plant's ability to absorb light and spectral tones. Exposure to both red light (660 nanometers) and a small amount of far red light (730 nanometers) has a positive impact on the formation of plant pigments. All energy absorbed by the 1000+infrared spectrum at this level is converted into heat. 6500 K cold white light. Suitable for the development of seedlings and cuttings (clones), creating powerful plant growth, namely large leaves and thick stems.
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