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Nikkiso America Introduces High Power Deep UV LEDs

Nikkiso America Introduces High Power Deep UV LEDs

Nikkiso America, a world leader in the development and commercialization of deep ultraviolet LEDs, has announced that it has initiated shipments of the world’s highest power deep UV-LEDs, featuring three times more optical power output than is commercially available from other sources in the UV-C and UV-B range. The Nikkiso UV-LEDbusiness will introduce the new high-power deep UV-LED product line for the first time in North America at the SPIE Photonics West exhibition in San Francisco February 10 - 12, 2015, North Hall Booth #4815. The Nikkiso UV-LED products are designed for applications in biomedical instrumentation and treatment, germicidal purification and sterilization, and industrial curing and printing.

Nikkiso America high power deep UV LED. (Nikkiso/LEDinside)

Developed by 2014 Nobel Prize winning Professors Akasaki and Amano, the new Nikkiso UV-LED products include single-chip LEDs and multi-chip LED modules. Nikkiso’s new single emitter products feature an industry-leading power of 30 mW at UV-C and UV-B wavelengths. Utilizing these devices, Nikkiso’s new multi-watt module products feature intensities in excess of 100mW per square cm. The devices can be utilized in stand-alone light sources, or integrated seamlessly as OEM components into end customers’ final product solutions.

Nikkiso’s proprietary AlGaN semiconductor technology enables the world’s highest performance, power and efficiency, with superior reliability in the UV-B and UV-C regime. Nikkiso UV-LEDs offer substantial advantages over UV lamps including mercury-free operation, direct on-off modulation and instantaneous analog power control, compact and lightweight form factor, flexible emission wavelength, directional illumination, low voltage and direct current drive. Because of these advantages, there is a large expected demand for deep UV-LEDs in fields such as biomedical instrumentation and dermatology, curing of industrial resins and inks, and air purification and water sterilization.

With production technology that enables mass manufacturing on a commercial basis, Nikkiso’s UV-LED factory is located in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture and includes new epitaxial equipment, wafer fabrication, and clean room facilities. The production facility represents a $22 million investment into Nikkiso UV-LED business, and will ensure stable supply of top quality deep UV-LED products to Nikkiso’s partners, thereby accelerating the development of deep UV-LED applications.

For more information about Nikkiso UV-LEDs, please see For inquiries and to schedule a meeting at Photonics West, please contact a representative of the company at

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