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Horticultural Lighting: illumiPure Corp. Enters Joint Proof of Concept Agreement with WeedMD

illumiPure Corp. and WeedMD have entered into a Joint Proof of Concept (PoC) Agreement to assess the tools and techniques of illumiPure's high-quality LED horticulture lighting system. The intent of the PoC is to document the improvements in quality of WeedMD's cannabis product while reducing electricity usage and maintenance costs. The project will record data points and crop characteristics developed throughout the grow cycle while utilizing the illumiPure LED broadband spectrum system.

(Image: WeedMD)

illumiPure's proprietary "illumiGrow" technology creates individual light spectra specifically tuned for use with individual crops and plant needs. This unique lighting system provides a wide spectrum technology that assists in photosynthesis optimization by providing doses of specific wavelengths necessary for plant health and sustainability. Ideal applications include vertical farming, indoor commercial growing and indoor personal growing.

The scope of the PoC agreement between illumiPure and WeedMD consists of a single cannabis strain to strain comparison. The comparison will identify the advantages to a plant growing under illumiPure's optimum spectrum versus the existing traditional HPS lighting. The PoC will commence on April 20th with the installation of illumiPure lighting fixtures at WeedMD's facility in Aylmer, Ontario and run for a total of four months. At the conclusion, the THC content of the plants grown under the illumiPure system, as well as energy consumption, will be compared to the levels of THC in plants grown under WeedMDs current lighting fixtures and the energy consumption of existing conditions.

The expected outcomes of the PoC is the demonstration of illumiPure's ability to 1) reduce overall energy consumption and operational costs, and 2) create a healthier and more natural spectrum that allows for an increase in overall plant productivity (in this case, THC content). If validation of the technology is secured, it is expected that WeedMD will purchase illumiPure's illumiGrow technology for all future lighting and spectrum requirements.

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