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Googles Cardboard Biconvex lens Dia 25mm EFL 45mm double convex len     10/9/2016
borosilicate polarized led clear 92mm lens for cree 3590 cob walkway led lights     10/9/2016
Glass Material 78mm Semi-ellipse Shape Optics Lens KL-HB78-90 for LED high bay light     10/8/2016
3'' LED lens cob polarized grow light 87*120 deg for cree cxb 1820, cxb 3050, cxb 3590 , cxb cxa led lenses     10/8/2016
cob led lenses 78mm module 120*70 degree     9/29/2016
led 90degree vero18B high bay lighting lenses 56mm     9/29/2016
Optic typefor CITIZEN CLL030, CLL032, CLL040, CLL042 COB LEDs 150 degs free form lenses 100mm     9/29/2016
Glass Lens COB CXA1507, CXA1512, CXA2520, CXA2530,Angle 87x120 , dimension78x30mm streetlight lens     9/29/2016
20w LED Spotlights optics glass 57mm die casting lenses with 90 degree beam angle KL-D57-23     9/28/2016
34mm diameter BK7 aspherical lens 100 degree RGB led lenses KL-D34-12     9/28/2016
KL-SL66-22 high quality 66mm diameter glass lenses clear free from dark spot and golden ring for led street light     9/27/2016
Aspherical 43D 60~130 degree full hd 3d led projector lens KL-D43-14     9/27/2016
43mm convex lenses 130 degree led lens for high power leds     9/26/2016
2016 Tactical Flashlight Torch LED light Quick-detach TIR lens     9/26/2016
Roadway Lighting led lenses diameter 92mm height 26mm beam angle 150*130 degree     9/23/2016

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