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led street light TYPE2 concave convex optical led borosilicate glass lenses
led street light TYPE2 concave convex optical led borosilicate glass lenses

Product Description

85mm 160*75 degree concave convex optical led glass lens KL-SL85-70-2 for 10W-100W led street light

Product Description 

 1. Model: KL-SL85-70-2

2. Application: for Led street light ,Tunnel light, Led lights

3. Beam angle: 160*75 degree

4. Pics 


5. Accessories

This lens include holder and gasket, easy installation.

6. Material Description

 *Material: high borosilicate glass 3.3

*Refractive index:1.474      

*Light transmittance:94%       

*Working Temperature: from -50degree to 550degree      

*Color: transparent      

*Tensile strength:40- 120Nmm - 2


* A low inflation rate, high temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability 

7. Drawings 



8. Suitable led Size

     Using led light-emitting area dia. within 45*26mm

9. LED installation position 


10. Optical simulation -- Polar Candela Distribution Plot


 11. Optical simulation -- Illuminance map 


12. Application 

     KL-SL85-70-2 glass lens is mainly used in led street light,led tunnel light,led project, and other LED lamps and lanterns.

 13. OEM: YES

14. Certificates: Rosh/SGS

15. Offer free optical technical support

Packaging & Shipping

two pieces glass lens in one box/40 boxes in one carton/ carton dimension L38*W35*H21

Our Services

 1. provide optical Solution,solve the problem of the led light distribution.
2. design and production of glass lens according to the customer's samples or requirements
3.Have our own CNC machining center,can finish glass lens mold development,glass lens sample make within 7 days.

Company Information

   Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Co.,Ltd specializes in optical designing,manufacturing and 
selling led glass lens and optical components,have more than 20 years optical glass lens
 production experience. We rely on our professional expertise and practical experience in the
 field of electro-optics to offer our customers products with consistent, superior quality. 
Because we firmly believe in providing trustworthy, dependable service, we have 
earned our customers' trust and support.

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