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31mm ultraviolet quartz lenses plano-convex lens
31mm ultraviolet quartz lenses plano-convex lens

Product Description

31mm ultraviolet quartz lenses plano-convex lens KL-D31-9-1pt

Product Description     




1.sight glass in high temperature

2.IR transmitting optics


According to your purpose

Dimension Tolerance


Thickness Tolerance



Flat convex

Focal Length Tolerance

±1 %

Surface Quality


Surface Accuracy


Clear Aperture



<3 arc min




Quartz, also can made by BK7, B270,Fused silica, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, Germanium, Silicon


Optical glass with high transparency, purity, colorless, homogeneous structure, and has good capability of refraction

Product Pics


Lens drawing


 Packaging & Shipping

inner packing---use FE foam tray to protect lenses from damage

outer packing---carton,shock absorption material and bubble wrap 

Our Services

 design and production of glass lens according to the customer's samples or requirements

we can manufacture plano convex lens/ Plano concave lens/Biconvex lens/Biconcave lens/Meniscus lens/Achromatic lens etc

Company Information

WUXI KINGLUX GLASS LENS CO.,LIMITED is a professional research, development, production and marketing of glass lenses optical components manufacturer, we focus on optical field for 30 years. The optical element has spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, free-form surface lens, prism, cone mirror, light pipe, window glass sheet. Shape of optical element has Plano-convex, biconvex lens, Plano-concave, biconcave, meniscus lens, magnifying glass, flat tablets. Raw materials are high-quality optical glass such as Quartz,borosilicate, B270, BK7 etc., mainly used in LED lighting, medical equipment, optical instruments, laser, infrared and other products. 

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