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Canadian City Ottawa Successfully Slashes Costs with LED Streetlights     8/22/2014
China Starts Drafting LED Lighting Standards     8/22/2014
LED Lighting Manufacturer Illumitex Announces Partnership with FarmedHere--     8/20/2014
New Zealand City to Install Smart Streetlights     8/19/2014
Copenhagen to Roll Out Smart LED Streetlight Project     8/15/2014
Chinese Manufacturers Hot on Nichia Heels in LED Package Market, says LEDinside     8/15/2014
Asylum Adds Bling to Pipe with Colorful LED Crystals     8/15/2014
GPI: Flip Chip LED Era Dawning     8/15/2014
Dangling LED Light Installations     8/15/2014
Bikini Berlin Concept Mall Bathed in Light from over 1000 Elation LED Luminaires     8/15/2014
Nokia 130 and 130 Dual Sim Phones Launched with Built-in LED Flash Light     8/15/2014
BayArena in Germany Recieves LED Face Lift     8/15/2014
Epistar Chairman Speaks About Upgrading LED Technology and Expanding Production Capacity     8/15/2014
GlacialLight LED Flood Lighting For Adverse Environments – GL-FL180     8/9/2014
Improving Driver Safety: How to Prevent Glare from LED Streetlights     8/9/2014

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