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Everlight Targets Niche Lighting Market Opportunities with Full Color LED Portfolio     10/12/2016
70,000 LEDs to light up streets     10/10/2016
German Research Coalition Unveils New Glare-Free Pixel LEDs for Adaptive Automotive Lighting     10/8/2016
Researchers Find New Form of Light     9/29/2016
Chennai Streets Illuminated with 74,000 LED Lights     9/28/2016
Connecticut Town Installs Wi-Fi Enabled LED Streetlights     9/26/2016
Cree Announces Next Generation High-Power LEDs     9/22/2016
SSL business news: Seoul and Kmart, Eaton and Cimcon, Cree, and more     9/20/2016
Korea's LED Industry Developments     9/18/2016
Osram Launches Retrofit Headlight for Volkswagen Golf VI     9/14/2016
LG Innotek Launches High Power Color LED Package Portoflio     9/12/2016
Pune in Western India to Roll out Large LED Streetlight Upgrade     9/9/2016
EVERLIGHT Revolutionizes Mid-Power LED Market with Ultra-Efficient LEDs     9/7/2016
Japan Makes Prototype Ear-worn LED Lights for Nurses     9/5/2016
GE Lighting to Withdraw from Asia and Latin America Markets     9/1/2016

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