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Seoul Semiconductor Reports Successful Everlight Patent Invalidation in UK     4/9/2018
A New Technology Is Changing the Tunable White Solutions     4/8/2018
Samsung Enhances Chip-Scale LED Package Lineup with Industry’s Highest Luminous Efficacies     3/16/2018
JBD Devises New Micro LED Technology to Make Ultra-Compact Micro LED Microdisplays     3/13/2018
Cree Launches Industry’s First Extreme Density LED     12/7/2017
Lumileds LUXEON C Color Portfolio Gets Double-Digit Performance Upgrades     11/29/2017
Luminus Expands Its COB LED Portfolio with New, Higher CRI and Gamut Options     3/3/2017
Singapore Aims to Convert All Roads to Smart LED Streetlighting Systems by 2022     1/13/2017
The Logic Behind Four Mainstream CSP LED Application Trends     1/2/2017
Illuminex Started to Distribute Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights     12/2/2016
India’s Demonization Policies Derails a LED Retailer Operations     11/28/2016
Nikkiso America Introduces High Power Deep UV LEDs     11/18/2016
EVERLIGHT Highlights Infrared Products and LEDs of Other Wavelengths and Colors at electronica     11/8/2016
LG Innotek Commercializes UV-C LED module for Home Appliance     10/25/2016
Canadian City Kelowna Rolls out Pilot LED Streetlight Project     10/19/2016

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